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Introducing The Rio dot pub

I was at California’s Great America theme park today. I was noticing the menu, and how the meal plan works, and whether people can order the two-slices-of-pizza basket on the plan or if they can only choose the one-slice-and-a-breadstick or the one-slice-and-a-salad baskets. I kept walking and I noticed a group of three people drinking beer; it was around noon.

I thought that looked pleasant! Beer sounded refreshing, and I determined I would create a beer-themed bitcoin domain name. Or a dot pub name that went well with Bitcoin Aerospace, even if it didn’t have “bitcoin” in the name.

I experienced the vision of a restaurant in the South American interior where an adventurer could enjoy a beer, get a cheeseburger, find a place to sleep, and enjoy a coffee in the morning before hopping back into their airplane for the next jaunt.

I named it, and created the domain name, (and

Other possibilities included “Airhead” or “Airheads” dot pub, “Propellers” dot pub, and perhaps “Symphony” dot pub (a reference to my “Symphony & Cerveza” music-and-beer festival idea).

And! oh yeah… “”. But I went with The Rio.